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Alien Sex Fiend


Netherlands - Amsterdam

Version: Unknown AUD


01 In And Out Of My Mind
02 New Christian Music
03 I Walk The Line
04 Can't Stop Smoking
05 Dead And Buried *
06 Hee-Haw (Here Come The Bone People) *
07 I Walk The Line
08 Interview bits with Nik & Mrs. Fiend
09 Ignore The Machine *

Tracks 01-04: 1985-11-20 Paradiso, Amsterdam (SBD)
Tracks 05, 06, 07, 09: 1984/85 Studio Outtakes
Track 08: 1984/86 Interview Snippets


55:00 min
C60 Cas (unknown but low gen) > Nakamichi CR7E (azimuth aligned - dolby off) > Edirol 04 (24/48)



Nik Fiend: vocals
Mrs. Fiend: keyboards
Yaxi Highrizer: guitar
Johnnie Ha-Ha: drums on *

I've had this cassette since sometime in 1986.
The first side contains 4 tracks from the show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam - I wish there were more tracks from that concert on the tape as I was lucky enough to attend it at the time and it was an incredible show. The second side of the cassette contains some unspecified demos / studio outtakes / alternative versions and two short interview snippets. It also containes very short interludes taken from the "Eraserhead" soundtrack between the tracks that i had to edit out as they are officially released.
The overall sound quality is excellent (A-) with a bit of hiss.
A scan of the original cassette cover is included in the torrent files.

NOTE: I kept the sample rate at 24 bit to preserve the best possible sound quality - meaning these files are NOT COMPATIBLE FOR BURNING A CD.