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Scotland - Aberdeen
The Tunnels

Version: Core Sound Binaural > Archos AV400


1. Mamie is Blue
2. It's a Bit of a Pain
3. This is Not Music
4. ?
5. Rund ist Schoen
6. I've Got My Car and My TV
7. Jai Mal Aux Dents
8. ?
9. Men From The Moon
10. ?
11. List to The Fish
12. ?
13. ?
14. ?
15. ?
16. It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl


112:00 min
Core Sound Binaural > Archos AV400 > Cool Edit Pro > CD Wave > FLAC


This was Faust's first show in Aberdeen. They were joined by members of local improv band Mickel Mass (who were one of the supports) on various horns walking through the audience.

This was recorded at a relatively safe distance from the stage (those who've seen Faust live will know what I mean!) roughly centrally. The sound is excellent and is untouched bar fades at start/finish and normalisation (approx 3dB). The mics were mounted as binaurals, which worked particularly well on Listen to The Fish: you can hear the horns & voices beside, behind and above you on headphones. They were very close: I was dripped on by one of the horn players.