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Japan - Osaka
Club Quattro

Version: Unknown AUD


Set One (continuous): 69:56 (incomplete)
Set Two (or encore): track one 28:42 and track two 22:49


122:00 min



Anyway, to this show ... it's something of an epic, running for 2 hours without ever coming to a halt ... if you are familiar with the bonus disc that came with the Japanese edition of VCN (£120 for a box that made frog noises when you opened it, natch), this is almost concurrent and similar, but much longer.... it's rather like surfing a colourful wave at times, recognising familiar motifs and riffs flowing past in a blissful wash. The moment when Vision Creation Newsun crests out of Eye's Space Is The Place chanting is something of a template for the Boredoms next ten years, looking for that high percussive peak that hits you in the solar plexus. In the end I guess Eye decided he could reach higher without bass and guitar and more drums but there's something about this line-up that is pretty magical in itself ... would be great if they played together sometime. After some fine Hawkwind style riffing disc One ends with Super Go that is cut at the end. Disc Two starts non-contiguously, and sounds like they are starting a second set (or an encore) and open up with the second (I think) track off VCN (no title, only a symbol). It sounds like Yamamoto and Hira dropped out for this set as things are notably more spacey and freeform with Eye doing some great tape manipulation to up the ante further. Again, it's almost non-stop, a wonderful assault on the senses.