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Audio 2021-06-09 18:01:13 2021-06-09 18:02:05



USA - Houston, TX

Version: Zoom Q3HD


Meek Warrior (14:35)
River (8:31)
new tune? (5:53)
Another Sky (19:24)
Everyone Is Guilty (10:36)
Silly Bears / encore break (9:28)
new tune? (6:17)
Light Emerges (11:19)


86:00 min
Lineage: Zoom Q3HD (Recording and splitting tracks (24/96 stereo .wav) > Handy Share (Mastering setting = Wide, Normalize setting = Full Scale (0db) (24/96 stereo .wav)) > Audacity (Convert to 16/44.1 flac8)



There are probably a few tunes missing in the setlist. Corrections are welcome. I picked up a few audience talkers here and there, but overall the sound quality is pretty good. The band are recording a new album in west Texas this month, and are playing just a few shows in-route to the studio. This was a pretty amazing, adventerous show. They started off with very sparse, etherial song that eventually exploded into a brilliant version of Meek Warrior. Another Sky devolved into an audience sing-along before transforming into an extended noise-rock freakout (at 06:30 the guitar player notices my Zoom recording device and sings a few notes JUST FOR YOU!) The crowd wasn't very big but still a fun time was had by all... Enjoy!