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Bruce Springsteen


Ireland - Dublin
The Point Depot
The Seeger Sessions

Version: Unknown AUD


01 - O Mary Don't You Weep
02 - John Henry
03 - Johnny 99
04 - Old Dan Tucker
05 - Eyes on the Prize
06 - Jesse James
07 - Adam Raised a Cain
08 - Erie Canal
09 - My Oklahoma Home
10 - Mrs. McGrath
11 - How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
12 - Jacob's Ladder
13 - We Shall Overcome
14 - Open All Night
15 - Pay Me My Money Down
16 - My City of Ruins
17 - Buffalo Gals
18 - You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
19 - When the Saints Go Marching In


131:00 min
CD-R (taper, equipment unknown) > CDEX > FLAC

The sound quality is ok, but could do with some improvement. Rather than fiddle with it, I have left this exactly as on the CD-Rs, so someone with better software and mixing skills will have an untainted source. If someone would like to do a remix, here are some areas in need of attention:
* The volume level is low and need normalising.
* May need more bass.
* There is some hiss on 's' sounds, I noticed this on 'My City of Ruins'


The title is a reference to the correct pronunciation of "McGrath". He explains how he was chastised about this in the intro, which is at the end of the track with 'My Oklahoma Home'. The pronunciation regressed on the subsequent BBC concert, so while the setlist may not be unique, this show may be only one with him getting that surname right!