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Germany - Hessen
Burg Herzberg Festival 1999

Version: Aiwa CM 30 Mic -> Sony DT100


01. Introduction (0:27)
02. Faust wakes Nosferatu (73:24)


74:00 min
Rec. Info:
Aiwa CM 30 Mic -> Sony DT100 -> transfer -> CDR (WAV 16/44) -> EAC (Secure Mode) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Very good to excellent recording. Almost no audience noise! As far as I can remember the mic was mounted on a stack directly at the Soundboard booth.


FAUST WAKES NOSFERATU...There's little to add about the superb reputation of this experimental, avantgarde Krautrock "Urgestein". The band had visited the Herzberg before in 1997, and
their weird show left many people simply speechless. In 1999, the band was invitited again, as a special performance. It was one of the first shows of a "big" act on thursday (as the
festivals before usually started on friday), and the only show on that hot summer evening. On a big screen behind the stage, the classic Murnau silent movie "Nosferatu" from 1922 was
aired, and the band provided the special eery, apocalyptical soundtrack. Much impressive! About the end (or in the middle?) of the show a giant smokebomb was fired, and left both stage
and audience in a hazy state of visual confusion. We cannot reproduce that here, but maybe you can feel the awesome disbelieve of me, Juhab and some more thousands of people.
ENJOY THIS! Spacebandit.