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Black Flag


Germany - Berlin
SO 36 Club

Version: TV Broadcast


1) Revenge
2) American Waste
3) Black Coffee
4) Depression
5) I've Had It
6) Nervous Breakdown
7) Jealous Again
8) No Values
9) My Rules
10) Nothing Left Inside
11) Six Pack


30:00 min
VHS Mid Generation



Multi Camera Bootleg, 1983. 29 mins.
Another spectacular show. The band is extremely good this night. They do a lot of old stuff at this show it being as short as it is.
The highlight is Hank taking an unopened beer can to his head during Black Coffee and staggering off stage. He later comes back and recites the lyrics without the mic while holding a mic stand and pointing from the thrower to the stand and then touching his head. He invites him to the stage "to come and get killed." After the song falls over, he goes into a long rap about having travelled a long way to play for them all and that it's not so nice to throw things at the performers. Pretty intense moment.