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Audio 2019-05-28 17:22:47 2019-05-28 17:23:41



Netherlands - Nijmegen
Sonic Whip 2019

Version: Line Audio CM3 mics > Zoom H5


01 Introduction 1:21
02 Guitar Intro To Black Heaven 4:41
03 Black Heaven 11:02
04 Electric Flame 9:34
05 Gifted by the Wind 7:33
06 Godspeed 27:19


62:00 min
Source : Line Audio CM3 mics > Zoom H5 (WAV 24-48) > Audacity (downsample to 16/44) -> TLH8 -> FLAC
Location: On microphone pole (@ app. 2.7 meters above crowd), inside the soundboard area app. 15 meters to stage edge center


Following the superb Colour Haze show and with no chance to slip into the small room (much too crowded!) your loony Spacey decided to retired for the "rooker's room" (you know what I mean!)
and a bit of food inhalation until I almost forgot showtime for, running like the wind (quote MTB) and - to my shame - maybe a bit slower I arrived in time for the buttons to be pushed and it worked in time. Anyway, what I got to listen was very fine, but not mine. How to explain? If I was just 25 years of age, this would be one of my favourite bands, but with
more than twice the age and a concert history of more than 1000 shows (counting Festivals as one show only!)...I felt a bit bored by these endless guitar solos. I had this feeling before at
shows from Radio Moscow or Vintage Caravan (and a few more). All of those guitarists from those bands are mighty fine, but they tend to play too much instead of a variation of sounds.SB