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Audio 2019-05-28 16:58:23 2019-05-28 16:59:09

Aphex Twin


USA - Indio, CA
Empire Polo Fields
Coachella 2019

Version: SP-CMC-8 (w/Mods) > SONY PCM-M10


01. Preshow Music
02. Full Set (Untracked)


105:00 min
SP-CMC-8 (w/Mods) > SONY PCM-M10 > Sandisk mini-SD Card (32gb - Class 10)

.WAV (24 Bit) > Adobe Audition CC 2019 (normalize/amplify/resampling/dithering) > .WAV (16 Bit) > Trader's Little Helper > Flac (level 8)


What's that old saying? "Third time is a charm"? Well that couldn't have been any more correct than the night of April 20th, 2019, where I got to witness Aphex Twin peform live for the third time (first time was Coachella 2008, and the second time was just a week previous to this performance at Coachella 2019 Weekend 1), and I must say in all honesty, that even though Aphex dropped one of my favorite tracks ("Libson Acid") during his weekend 1 performance, this performance on this night definitely ranks as my favorite of his, and probably one of my favorites of all time at this festival and the 14 years (and currently 23 Coachella's in a row) that I've been attending.

How do I even describe this night? The whole anticipation for weekend 2 was built up for this exact moment. I got there early (per usual, I have this OCD about how if I don't get to a set early - or well, VERY early - I won't be able to get my preferred spot for viewing/recording) and staked out my spot right behind the Guest Viewing rail (even though I have a guest pass for the festival, I won't actually go into the Guest Viewing area...way to bourgeois for me, I'm a simple and humble guy, and enjoy being out in the "normal" crowd). The hype was real. The whole week had been pretty much an Aphex week for me. Saw him week 1, then came home and on that Tuesday went downtown and hit up his pop-up shop in Los Angeles, where I was able to snag a couple sets of the teddy bears (one set for me, one for a friend), an extra bear for my niece, and his ventilation mask (which came in quite handy at this festival). And to end "Aphex Week" the way I did, I couldn't have been more happier.

For the peformance itself, like weekend 1, Aphex was joined by his wife on stage (or at least we all assume and theorize it's his wife at this time, God only knows for sure) and the visuals were pretty much the same as the week before but that that is a bad thing, as "weirdcore" (I think that's the guy who does the live visuals) is an absolute genius and mad-man, and I would never ever tire from watching it. Best lights and visuals I've seen at Coachella in a long time. The tracklist was pretty spectactular too. Whatever track he dropped during the whole athletes/Los Angeles celebrities video portion, was fucking banging. Fuck the Sahara tent, fuck all that "EDM", this was what a true "electronic" act/performance at Coachella is supposed to be. I don't care what anyone says, and no offense to Tame Impala, but Aphex was the true headliner this night, bar none.

And second off (and probably most importantly to note), I was lucky enough to end up next to some wonderful people and fellow Aphex Twin fans, so a big shout out to all of them, including Alek (I think you spelled it with a K) and Eric. But most importantly, a big thank you goes out to Monica, who was by far and away, the nicest and sweetest and most awesome fellow concert attendee (and Aphex fan) I could have landed next to. I don't normally ask people around me to be remain quiet during a set, because normally I think if I tell someone I'm going to be "recording" the set, they probably assume I'll have my phone up in the air the whole time, and that's embarrassing. But given I view Aphex fans as a bit more intelligent and respectful than your normal Coachella attendee these days, I decided (it being a super rare Aphex Twin show afterall) to go ahead and ask if they would all be polite enough to not yell or scream during the show if they were going to be standing next to me, so I could get a decent recording, which I offered to share with them all after it was all said and done. And in this instance, Monica couldn't have been any more generous or accomodating if she had tried. Turns out she is a huge audiophile, huge Aphex fan (obviously, she even had a hand-fan she made with the Aphex Twin logo drawn on it - very cool, wish I had gotten a picture of that) and loves live recordings! She seemed pretty stoked on the idea that I was going to record this and then share it with her, giving her something to not only listen to on her morning commutes, but a wonderful memento to remember this night and memory by, and that's why I love recording and sharing with fellow fans, to keep that kind of spirit alive. Just to give you an idea of how accomodating she truly was, not only did she not talk or yell in my direction for the whole set, but when she did want to say something to me, she typed it up on her phone (I wish all my friends did this when we see shows together), and even asked me if her waving her hand-fan would interfere with my micrphones (now that's paying attention to detail! I was blown away!).

At the end of the day, I think it pays to be kind to your neighbor, because you never know who you'll run into and what you'll share in common. When we all help each other out, and work towards a common goal (while still enjoying our own personal moments), then we all win. And I hope that's what this recording brings everyone. Joy, smiles and a way to remember a wonderful night for many many many years to come. Goes without question and without hesitation that this recording is dedicated to Monica. Without you I don't think this recording would have been what it is. I owe ya.