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Anti Nowhere League


Ireland - Dublin
Fibber Magees

Version: CA14(Cards)>CA9200>Edirol R09HR


01 Can't Stand Rock N Roll
02 The End Of The Day
03 I Hate People
04 Let's Break The Law
05 Chocolate Soldiers
06 The Last Cowboys
07 Uncle Charlie
08 As Good As It Gets
09 Medication
10 So What
11 Runaway
12 Punk Rock Girl
13 Woman
14 Streets of London
15 Let The Country Feed You
16 For You
17 Pig Iron
18 God Bless Alcohol
19 Fucked Up & Waster
20 Reck-A-Nowhere
21 We Are The League


76:00 min
CA14(Cards)>CA9200>Edirol R09HR>Adobde Audition (levels Etc)>cdwave>tlh>you


The Anti-Nowhere League rolled into Dublin as part of the Orgasmatron Punk Festival. Coincidentally on the first Good Friday when pubs could legally open in Ireland.

Peter & The Test Tube Babies headlined the night before but I wasn't at that.

A great set from Animal & the band - plenty to please all ANL fans. The venue is small and I was in a good position for taping so I'm please with how this turned out. There is some occasional phasing where I had to move to avoid the skinhead arsehole in front of me who was drunk & making a nuisance of himself.