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Audio 2014-02-17 21:02:27 2018-05-14 20:26:03

Comets on Fire


USA - San Francisco, CA
Great American Music Hall

Version: Sony ECM-717 -> Sony ECM-N707


intro jam >
The Bee And The Cracking Egg
Whiskey River
Beneath The Iceage


28:00 min
Sony ECM-717 (M/S mic) -> a/d Sony ECM-N707 (MD) d/a -> a/d M-Audio 2496 -> CE2k -> EAC (wav split) -> FLAC(8)


Two very similar, yet very different, sets/recordings from the Bay Area's (via Santa Cruz) psychedelic noise rock band's shows soon after the release of 'Blue Cathedral'.

Thee Parkside is a small rock&roll bar with an under-powered PA, so the mix is very guitar heavy. The Great American is a classic small, stately, theater, with a nice PA that makes the vocals, echoplex/electronics, and drums more than subliminal. The former was a headlining set (it might have been the "record release" show), hence the greater length. The latter was opening for Black Dice & Animal Collective (nope, didn't record 'em, sorry), so the set is of "opener" length. I'd probably rate the first as "B" (B+ if you're a guitarist, B- if you're a drummer) and the second as "B+".

Comets On Fire are also known for opening for Julian Cope in winter 2005, and for being the rock band that Ben Chasney (aka Six Organs of Admittance) performs with (as opposed to the folk/psych combo, Badgerlore, that he also plays with).