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USA - Atlanta, GA
The Masquerade

Version: 2x Canon HD Camcorders + Church Audio CA-14 > Roland R-05


01) Uluru Rock 21:20
02) Black Heaven 10:34
03) Electric Flame 09:03
04) Gifted By The Wind 07:02
05) Violence Of The Red Sea 47:59
06) Volt Rush 02:05
07) Cherry Red 05:30


73:00 min
HDD Master
Lineage: Video: Two handheld Canon camcorders to SDHC 10 class >1080 MP4. MP4s imported into Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 to edit and sync to Audio. Church Audio CA-14 cardioids clipped to glasses into a Roland R-05 at 24 bit wave - 48k. Audio was mastered in Sound Forge to remove inaudible frequencies below 20hz, compressed track at 1.5 to 1 starting at -24 db, slight EQ to boost low end around 40-80hz by 1 db and boost upper mids 1 db and 1 db boost @ 12k. Channels balanced by boosting the left by .85 db.

The audio recording captured essentially the stage sound with Isaiah's guitar prominent in the mix as the my camera and mics were positioned in front of his amp. The vocals and drums are a little lower in the mix but the bass can be heard fairly well.

This position was directly under the overhead PA, up by the stage. The mics were essentially at the plane of the floor level sub-cabinets and they didn't capture too much low end. Had the mics been further back the recording would have captured the full sound going through the PA but the camera images wouldn't have been as close. I think it turned out rather well, play this as loud as you can through a good stereo system and watch on a large screen for the full concert effect.


Mario Rubalcaba-Drums
Isaiah Mitchell-Guitar and Vocals
Mike Eginton-Bass