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USA - Cambridge, MA
Middle East Restaurant and Club

Version: Nak. CM-100 mikes > Radio Shack mini mixer > Nak. BX-100 cassette deck


1: 9:03
2: 5:11
3: 6:07
4: 8:53
5: 8:13
6: 4:12
7: 3:47 (fades out, tape flip)
8: 6:10 (fades out, tape flip)
9: 7:18


59:00 min
Nak. CM-100 mikes >
Radio Shack mini mixer >
Nak. BX-100 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S 90 min. master cassette >
played on Tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.


tracks 7 and 8 should be one track (song)
but are left as two because there is an interruption.
there are a few seconds missing for the tape flip.
fortunately the timing of it wasn't too bad.
the rest of the show (including the 1st 6 tracks)
is complete.
even though this headlining Cluster set was recorded
using a Maxell XLII-S tape, and also very synth based
electronic music like the opening act set, and the opening
act set was recorded on Maxell XLII tape, the opener came out
considerably clearer and better, probably because
this Cluster set was alot quieter music than that was.
their most recent studio CD at this time was "one hour" (released in 1995)
"Japan 96 Live" and "First Encounter tour 1996" are official
live documents from this tour. First encounters was recorded in:
NYC, Phoenix, Az. Portland, Oregon, New Orleans, La.
Providence RI, Eugene, Or. Ashville, N.C. Chicago, Ill.
Covington, Ky, Minneapolis, Minn. and Anderson, Indiana.