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Death From Above 1979


Canada - Edmonton, AL
Union Hall

Version: SP-CMC-2 (AT831) > CA9200 > Tascam iXJ2 > iPhone 4S


01. Intro [00:23]
02. Nomad [04:26]
03. Virgins [03:28]
04. Caught Up [05:20]
05. Turn It Out [03:30]
06. Moonlight [03:30]
07. Always On [03:29]
08. Little Girl [06:19]
09. White Is Red [04:28]
10. Outrage! Is Now [05:38]
11. Holy Books [05:22]
12. Freeze Me [03:28]
13. Going Steady [03:31]
14. Black History Month [05:35]
15. Never Swim Alone [04:03]
16. Trainwreck 1979 [03:45]
17. Romantic Rights [06:38]
18. The Physical World [04:59]
19. Encore Break [04:03]
20. Right On, Frankenstein! [03:01]
21. Pull Out [01:43]


87:00 min
Location: GA, upper balcony, in line with right stack
Gear: SP-CMC-2 (AT831) > CA9200 (pre-amp +15db, volume 30%) > Tascam iXJ2 (pre-amp level 0) > iPhone 4S > RODE Rec iOS app
Transfer: iPhone (CAF @ 32 bit/44100 Hz/2 channel) > 30 pin USB connector > Computer
Editing: Adobe Audition > Down sample WAV to 16/44.1 > Audacity Amplify (21 dB Amplification) > HarBal 2.0 EQ (IntuitQ) > Adobe Audition Marker split/fade in and fade out > FLAC encoding (level 8) using xACT

Sean Gursky


Microphone clip broke before DFA came on so I couldn't "wear" my microphone as initially planned. I improvised and used electrical tape to attach it to my hat and held the hat at chest level as I leaned against the upper railing. I tried to minimize movement of the microphones and with my primary hand holding the microphones I couldn't check levels so I turned the CA9200 volume down slightly at the start of the show to avoid clipping, which resulted in more amplification in post processing.

When an audio sample or clip was played between songs I edited the track so the sample would follow the song that just completed. For instance, on "Holy Books" the "Jesus Christ" audio was attached to the previous song, "Outrage! Is Now".

I tried to edit all tracks to start with the band playing but they rarely took break between songs so I may have accidentally put an intro as an outdo in places.