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USA - Buffalo, NY
The Waiting Room

Version: Zoom H1 - AT831 Cardoid Mics


01 Dark Horse (3:55)
02 Aimless Arrow (2:44)
03 I Can Tell You About Pain (2:26)
04 You Fail Me (6:46)
05 Trespasses (2:45)
06 All We Love We Leave Behind (4:05)
07 Predatory Glow (4:08)
08 Reap What You Sow (2:46)
09 Cutter (1:43)
10 Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast (7:19)
11 Under Duress (3:45)
12 Eagles Become Vultures (2:19)
13 Concubine (1:42)
14 Eve (live debut) (7:42)
15 First Light (0:47)
16 Last Light (5:03)
17 Jane Doe (13:06)


73:00 min
Zoom H1 - AT 831 Cardoid Mics - WAV 48/24 - Tracksplitting & Fading w/ Audacity - FLAC
Hollow Moons


Note: Yes, I was waiting for them to bust out Fugazi. No, they didn't. After setting my sadness at that lost opportunity aside, I enjoyed immensely the first headlining Converge show I had seen in 5 years. If you are going to pick only one Converge show to download, this is the one. Aside from having the best setlist, it also has the best sound. A great show, one that was perfect for the end of my 5 days following Neurosis, Converge, and Amenra. I can never see myself making it up to Buffalo again (unless the sky falls and Vision of Disorder decides to play a show more than 5 minutes from Long Island), but this was a great venue and great ending to my experience. Glad its over and if my current trend holds, it will 2020 before I do it again. Though I am pretty burnt out right now. Anyway, Converge is Fucking Awesome and this is a good way to get introduced to them if you haven't heard them yet. Then go buy Jane Doe.