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Audio 2014-02-17 21:02:25 2018-05-11 01:52:23

Charlemagne Palestine & Oren Ambarchi


UK - London
Café Oto

Version: mini disc mz-r55 >> core sound binaurals >> mini disc mz-n520


73:00 min
equipment and programmes used:
mini disc mz-r55 [record volume level 3 or 4, low sens, stereo] >> core sound binaurals >> filter box >> mini disc mz-n520 >> sony soundforge [volume raise] >> wav >> track split in cd wave editor >> converted to flac level 8 in x-recode II
md5 created in md5summer


i guess you could say the music had already started on first arrival at 8pm as charlemagne had tones melting out into the audience. i was hesitant to start recording at first as i didnt want the initial set to spill and spread over two discs if it was going to be unnecessary, but when charlemagne added some kind of asian porno audio into the mix, i could resist no longer and slid into record; a really great interesting evening of music followed as you will hear
the collab set starts off very quiet as charlemagne & oren were both wine glass singing, which charlemagne re-introduces at various intervals throughout the rest of the set
i also attended and recorded the previous evening of oren, daniel menche and bj nilsen, but that will have to come later, hopefully a bit later next week
if you havent done so already, buy oren' new album "audience of one" as it is very good