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Audio 2014-02-17 21:02:13 2017-12-03 08:01:41

Black Flag


USA - Trenton, NJ
City Gardens

Version: SBD>Sony D5


Retired at 21
Annihilate This Week
Bastard in Love
Drinking & Driving
In My Head
White Hot
Black Love
Society?s Tease
Loose Nut
Nervous Breakdown
This is Good
I Can See You
Swinging Man
Louie, Louie


72:00 min
SBD>Sony D5(m)>Onkyo TA-RW344 w\ azimuth correction>Cooledit Pro 2.0>.wav>CD Wave>flac(level 8


A SBD patch was run, but it seems that an AUD was run too…the SBD cut “Nervous Breakdown”, so I added the complete version from the AUD tape…the SBD is a lil stronger…some small bouts of static, but nothing major. You’ll notice a small volume drops in “Nervous Breakdown”, as well as the Louie, Louie encore, which is also from the AUD recording, but ya should be able to correct this on the burn by normalizing the files. “Swinging Man” cuts off a lil bit too, but the AUD version on the Gone show I seeded from this night had the ending part that is cut on the SBD.

So as to not leave anything out, I included all the missing bits in an “EXTRAS” folder. So you WILL GET the “Nervous Breakdown” split from the SBD source, and the AUD ending to of “Swinging Man” too!

Not sure if track 10 is just a “Black Love” vamp, maybe someone can help on that…

Other than these minor issues, a really strong recording, and set…a lot stronger than most of the other shows from 1986 floating about. The NJ connection is in effect and the performance is really solid, despite being one of their last ever shows, this one is inspired.