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Audio 2015-08-04 21:31:52 2015-08-04 21:33:04



Germany - Netphen
Freak Valley Festival 2015

Version: Soundman OKM I > ZOOM H1


01. uluru rock (16.38)
02. violence of the red sea (14.44)
03. sonic prayer (27.16)
04. foxy lady (4.23)
05. ?... (5.53)
06. communication breakdown (4.50)
07. let the good times roll (5.52)


82:00 min

Soundman OKM I > ZOOM H1 > PC(via USB) > Wavelab (EQ, edit, tracking) > TLH(flac8)

recording position: 3 meters in front of sounddesk, center


For more informations about this festival - just read the comments of dear Mr.Spacebandit in any of his other uploads of this event !
I completely agree with him in every detail ...
THANK YOU DEAR GOD (perfect timing of weather), GIRLS, GUYS & SPIRIT of FREAK VALLEY - an (almost) perfect festival !

Of course also the most special hail & thanks to the glourious three musketapeers Spacebandit/Miro/Blueshacks (all for Dime - Dime for all), these infamous sonic warriors on the edge of stage, who bravely recorded the entire festival, always close to the human melting point.
As I knew they were doing so, I did only the recordings of my favourite acts as a kind of "backup", cowardly from a nice, SHADY (most important for survival, but sadly also chatty) place under a tree close/right to the soundbooth.

Well, as far as I got it, they recorded ALL concerts ... (almost) ... ... EXCEPT : the last 30 min. of THIS one.

So I'm glad to jump in and give my little contribution to that experience with this complete set.

There was (of course - as always) a lot of festival-audience chatter, but as this was a night concert, I left my hiding and went out into the open, where the talk became a LITTLE less.

Though the stage-sound was not very great (to my ears, at least), I consider this a quite fine recording.
I had to do some EQing, just the common, raising heights, giving a bit to bassdrum and in this case especially the bass itself.
also a little mastering-compression, but nothing pumping audible.