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Audio 2014-02-17 21:02:13 2017-12-03 07:58:34

Black Flag


USA - Kent, OH
Kent State University

Version: SBD


Slip it In
My Ghetto
Black Coffee
Beat My Head Against the Wall
Your Last Affront
Rats Eyes
The Bars
Police Story
Rise Above
My War


39:00 min
msbd(c?)>?>cd>eac>sf6 + REMASTERED


Notes: Rollins is real annoying at this gig - check out the commentary on Ginn's string change. "The Process of Weeding Out" EP saw its inception during the weeks just prior to this gig, and "Your Last Affront" makes an early appearance.

Great show, the younger and much skinnier Rollins belts out punk classics.

Source was hissssssy, and though I denoised it slightly, in the breaks it's still very noisy. Can't say I even understand exactly what the source info is trying to say, and the high-end on this is not the finest quality, but the scopes don't show any lossy tampering evidence. I'm gonna put the hiss together with the watery highs and call it a poorly stored cassette master.