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Scotland - Glasgow
Classic Grand

Version: CA11v2 > Roland R05


01 [03:13] Bastards
02 [02:43] Warm Blood Rush
03 [03:27] Dear Father
04 [04:01] The Red, White and Blues
05 [03:05] Rabbit Foot
06 [03:59] A Wound and Scar
07 [04:32] I Don't Mind
08 [04:49] But Breathing
09 [02:43] No Savior
10 [04:18] No Shame
11 [03:39] Empty Glass
12 [05:47] Bled Out
13 [01:08] encore applause
14 [03:14] Blessed Burden
15 [04:52] Cowardice


56:00 min
Recording info: Church Audio CA11v2 Cardioids -> CA9100 Pre-amp -> Roland R05

Recording notes and sound quality:
Recorded from about 25 feet back from the RH PA, which is angled downwards (handy!). Sounds really good and I would probably go as far to say that the Classic Grand has the best sound for a small venue in Glasgow.

A few talkative eejits now and again, but due to the PA volume, not really a problem. Plenty of crowd sing-a-long towards the end of the set, but it just adds to the atmosphere...


Band members:

Derek Archambault - Vocals, Guitar
Jay Maas - Guitar, Vocals
Jake Woodruff - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Longobardi - Drums
Mike Poulin - Bass

Gig Notes:

The band were on a European tour with Boston buddies, Caspian, in tow. More Than Life and Goodtime Boys were also on the bill.

I kind of went along just because Caspian were playing, but did check out Defeater in advance and thought it would be a good show. As the show was on really early (early curfew and four bands), I got into the room just as Goodtime Boys were finishing their set. Given that it was only just after 7pm, the venue was busy. Clearly the local hardcore crowd is a sizeable one!

Defeater put on a really good set. I'm not really a fan of much hardcore, but it was an enjoyable show - nice to listen to something you would normally hear. They put a lot of energy into the show. Derek stated that the crowd could stage-dive as much as they wanted, provided he wasn't used as a diving board (due to his injury). The mosh pit was quite active until the acoustic section, and then again at the end of the set. I thought the crowd were not going to ask for an encore, and I guess the band thought the same, until a couple of guys started the "one more song" chant and the band headed back out for another couple of songs.