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Audio 2014-02-17 21:02:13 2017-12-03 07:20:48

Bill Orcutt


Ireland - Dublin
Molloy & Dowling Opticians

Version: Edirol R-09


01 [06:28]
02 [05:12]
03 [04:30]
04 [07:24]
05 [06:33]
06 [07:13]


37:00 min
Source: Edirol R-09 inbuilt mics @ 96khz/24bit (Low cut off, Low gain setting) > FLAC 44khz/16bit
Location: Standing direct front performer


Bill Orcutt is the guitarist of Miami based noise rock trio Harry Pussy and a guitar virtuoso-free improviser in his own right. There's probably track titles there (he mentions the last track is a cover) but Orcutt plays them in such an abstract form that its impossible to tell.

No that venue isn't a mistake, the gig was indeed staged in an opticians. Dublin has had a serious lack of a solid venue for underground experimental music to be held for quite some time now, various galleries and random spaces (like this one) host shows for a few months at a time then drop off the map. I know this kind of music is not profitable for anyone concerned, not least the venues & promoters, but the bouncing around of shows all over the place gets tiring. Since taping this show and prepping it for upload (Feb 2014) Molly & Dowlings ahve stopped shows and they've moved on to other venues already..